You will find Dribbel nestled in the middle of the Benoordenhout junior school (Openbare Bassischool Benoordenhout) in the building accessible from Jonas at Bisschopstraat 1, overlooking the playground. Open 5 mornings a week, Dribbel welcomes toddlers from the ages of 2 ½ to 4 years old. We have a cosy and clean playroom, plenty of games and equipment, a safe and secure outdoor play area and experienced, skilled and enthusiastic teachers. The children who attend Dribbel are encouraged to learn about themselves and their surroundings through play, singing and arts and crafts.

Dribbel provides a unique foundation for toddlers – a safe environment, close to home, in which to develop social and emotional skills and to practise their motor and mental skills. We believe that every child is unique, that they have their own character and a natural willingness to learn. Having a pleasant and safe venue that the children can familiarise themselves with is crucial to their development, as are constant daily challenges. We will be happy to give you more information about our educational policy when you visit.

Quite a lot of expats live within our neighbourhood and they have found Dribbel as well. Which results in a very colourful group from all over the world. The primary language within Dribbel is dutch, which is conformable to dutch legislation and helps our foreign children to adapt faster. But if needed we will make a quick translation to english or french to help the little ones to improve their understanding of the dutch language. The toddlers themselves communicated through the universal language of playing together.

Dribbel has been awarded quality level 2 (‘focus on greeting, playing, individual development and self-confidence’), in accordance with the Dutch nursery school quality regulation board.