A Dribbel morning

Some parents like to stay and do a puzzle or play a game with their child to help them settle in more happily in the morning.

After having said goodbye to their parents, there is a wealth of activities for the children to get busy with: colouring, playdough, building, role-play … and much more.

At 10.30 am we have what we call TIP TOP TAP time which is when we eat a small snack and sing the “Tip top tap” song together. We provide a snack of juice and a cookie. Of course you are welcome to bring a piece of fruit or a sandwich for your child, if you prefer. Please, no sweets.

At 10.50 am we all enjoy playing outside with bikes, scooters, tricycles, cars and more.

After snack time, the children are told a story and we sing more songs.

Then there is time for everyone to use the toilet and we work with the children on a special theme (e.g. Mothers Day or local Dutch traditions)or the children are free to choose their own games.

Everything is then tidied away at 11.20 ready for home time at 11.30.