Registration and allocation
We would appreciate it if you first come by, so you can see where your child will come to play. During this visit, we will be able to determine if there is a place and what the possibilities are. Would you prefer to register by mail, please include your name, name of the child, boy or girl, and the date of birth. Three months before the scheduled date we will contact you and we will make an appointment for the paperwork.
You need to fill out a registration form. When you return the form, please also bring an up to date copy of your child’s vaccination record. Our minimum nr of days to register is 2 mornings a week with a maximum of 4.
After submitting the registration form, vaccination record and the registration fee, you will receive a signed agreement. This contains details of the mornings when your child can attend Dribbel. In some cases, your child may have to go on a waiting list until places become available for them. If necessary, it may be possible to negotiate extra mornings or different days of the week.

You will be asked to pay a registration fee of € 6,00 plus a charge of € 8,00 to cover accident insurance. These costs will be automatically payed with the first month fee.

The fee is:

  • Two mornings a week is: € 160,00 a month
  • Three mornings a week is: € 240,00 a month
  • Four mornings a week is: € 320,00 a month
  • Fees are payable for eleven months of the year: Depending on the school holidays, you will not be charged in either July or August.
  • If your child begins after the 15th of the month or leaves before 15th of the month, you will only need to pay fees for half of that month.
  • Please give one month’s notice before your child is due to leave.
  • Fees are to be payed through Direct Debit, an separate form has to be completed and signed before your child attends Dribbel.


Toilet training
Your child does not need to be trained to come to Dribbel. Just let us know how you are getting along with toilet training at home and we will help as much as we can at school. It’s a good idea to include a change of clothes in your child’s bag.

Group size and teachers
The maximum number of kids in the group is 16, there will always be two trained teachers to watch over them.

If it is your child’s birthday, we like to celebrate with them at Dribbel. We make them a special party hat and they get to stand on a chair while everyone sings to them. The birthday girl or boy may distribute small party bags or gifts to the other children in the class, but please nothing too elaborate and again, no sweets.


The playroom is meant for healthy children, so if your child is unwell, please keep it at home. If your child is diagnosed with something contagious (e.g. chickenpox, slapcheek, etc.) please keep us informed so that we can warn other parents. Please let us know by phone if your child will not be coming into school, whatever the reason.

Dribbel has the same holidays as the Public School of Benoordenhout (OBS Benoordenhout).

The board
Dribbel is an independent organisation (Chamber of Commerce number: 27169583) the board is formed by parents on a voluntary base. The core of the board consists of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary. (for any matter concerning the board)\

Parents’ committee
Besides the board, Dribbel has another parental involved committee. They are free to give advice to the board on any decision and help out the teachers in organising special meetings. (for any matter concerning the Parents Committee)